Reign Cheat Sheet

Reign Cheat Sheet! (Reign book = R, Enchiridion = (E))

Max die pool when rolling is 10 (use overflow dice to offset penalties)!: R87-88 (E56)
Gobble Dice – must be as high and at least as wide: R15 (E14-15)
(remember that each Gobble die in a set can be used to break a set – though only one set per roll can be used as gobble dice, barring multiple actions – (E12))
Width = How fast or how strong
Height = how well executed or skilled
Dynamic Contest vs. Opposed Contest: R14-15 (E11-12)
Difficulties (setting a minimum height) vs. Penalties (removing dice – ED and MD are removed first!): R18 (E13-14)
Squishing!!: R23 (E17) – Exchanging Height and Width. If you can squish a result two points, you can change a 4×5 to a 2×7 or a 6×3. If you squish something down to 1x, it’s no longer a set. You can’t squish a set above height 10.

Multiple Actions: R23-23, R190 (E124-125) (good example, p. R23, E124-125)
Initiative example (widest sets are resolved first – if two sets are equally wide, height serves as a tiebreaker): R16, R178 (E112)
Aiming: R189 (E124)
Called Shots: R190 (E124)
Taking Time and Doing it Right (gives bonus dice: R77 (sidebar), (E46)
Damage – Shock vs. Killing – Killing damage is always applied first! (including dead, dazed and unconscious): R179 (E113) Example w/ armor: (E118)
Recording Damage: Shock= ‘/’, Killing = ‘X’. When there are no more open boxes, ‘/’s convert to ‘X’s. (E113)
Damage points disrupt attacks! – the hit character always loses a die from one of his sets (his choice) even if he actually takes no damage (so it’s nice to have multiple sets for your action)!: R178 (E112, E122)
Armor – reduces both Killing & Shock damage: R183 (E117 – great example E118 (top))
Shields – large protect the left arm (3) and one other location chosen at the beginning of the combat round (Tower Shields have armor ratings): R184 (E118-119) Tower Shields (E116)
Weapon Damages: R186 (E119-120)
Throwing: R76 (E46)
Charging: R209

Using XP as Fate/Fortune points: R91 (burning XP) (E57)
By lowering your wealth 1pt., you can gain 1 XP in return: R88
Spending XP: R87 (E55-56)
Earning XP: (E55)

Max skill and stat levels after Char Creation = 6 (during Char Creation, the max is 5): R87
Sorcery is a skill!: R34
Fore each skill, you can have an ED or an MD, but not both!: R19
Examples of “promoting” skill dice to ED and MD: R48
The “Counterspell” is the mystical version of “Dodge”: R32
Spell XP Costs at Creation (the ‘Spell’ Advantage: R45)
I still don’t know how to buy spells after Char Creation – 1 XP per intensity level? (use costs on E32?)
Those who have not studied Sorcery cannot cast spells higher than intensity 1: R257

You can’t start the game with any stats OR skills above 5 (E20)

Esoteric Disciplines – cost seems to be the same during Char Gen as after: R36
Good Char Gen example (points): R48-49

Unless otherwise stated, only one Esoteric Discipline at a time can be applied to a roll: R90

Healing: After combat ends, half the amount of Shock damage taken disappears (round in favor of the character): R180 (E114)
Healing Skill: R79 (E49)

Don’t Forget Martial Paths and Esoteric Disciplines!

Pool Size: Odds of Getting One or More Matches:

Combat Maneuvers R203 (E132)
Display Move Draw Feint Maim Cower
Pin Restrain Shove Stand Tackle
Threaten Wait Charge Disarm Disfiguring Strike
Display Kill Knockout Strangle Trip Iron Kiss
Redirect Submission Hold

Reign Cheat Sheet

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